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Simple. Smart. Safe queues for all

We have some really smart features not found in any other queue management solution around!

Get started in 5 minutes

An easy user interface, yet powerful. Simple to configure and get started now.

Join a Queue by QR code, SMS, Whatsapp, NFC and Paper

Your customers can participate in anyway convenient to them including the old paper token way!

Screens for kiosk, TV, mobile on commodity hardware

We have no restriction on devices. You can use any device connected to internet to access our app

Build complex workflows of queues

Whether you have a simple one queue requirement or a workflow with subsequent queues. We support it all in the same simple app.

Free to use quota every day!

50 tokens are free every single day for everyone! Start today.

For Businesses

A great brand values its customers, their comfort, last but not least their time. We elevate your brand value.

Latest Technology

State of the art, elegant solution to crowd management. Available on mobile and web.

No Custom Hardware or Servers

No heavy upfront investment on space and infrastructure needed. No custom hardware. Any commodity hardware with internet connectivity will be just fine.

Customers With or Without a Mobile

Customers can participate in the same sophisticated queue system whether they have a smart phone or just a regular phone, or not having a phone at all!

High Loyalty, High Brand Value

A convenient, fair, transparent and novel experience means higher loyalty, better brand value.


A happy customer is neither anxious, frustrated nor wasting his time! We make your customers happy.

Join Remotely

You can be in the queue without physically being present! You can be anywhere, away from the crowding.

Know Your Wait Time

Shows you the time you have, in real time. You choose the right way to use your own time. Not having to wait in a line!

Get Notified

Get an alert on SMS, WhatsApp, and Push notifications when its your turn. You cant miss!

Search Nearby QOOs

Find the service you are looking for in your locality. Choose the shortest wait time QOO.

HOw it works

sign in

Sign in with you phone number. Just your phone number! We authenticate you with an OTP. That's it! your in.

create a qoo

Choose a name for your QOO. Choose the type of QOO. Choose your location.

Choose your operation times. You are done.

display QR

Print out the QR code or display the kiosk screen on a tablet or tv panel near the reception. Customers will scan or use SMS, WhatsApp to join.


On the QOO status page you can start calling the next customer to service! Its that simple.


Perpetually Free! Every Day


  • All Features
  • Free 50 Tokens Daily
  • Limited to 50 Tokens Daily
1INR / Token


  • All Features
  • Free Quota
  • Unlimited Tokens Daily
  • Easy Recharge
  • Credits Never Expire

Install our app!

We have an application!

Simple. Smart. Safe queues for all.

Contact Us!

Reach us between 10 am and 6 pm, Monday to Saturday.

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