One App. All Queues

NO complex setup. NO special equipment. Just a phone!

QOO token management system can seamlessly manage all kinds of rush across different industries. You no longer have to stand or sit, waiting in a queue.

Login screen with just a phone number and OTP. No need to remember passwords!All you qoos (queues) in one place. public and private qoosSearch nearest queues. See all appointments and wait times in one screen, Create your own queue instantly! no setup!

Sign in with a phone number

Create and manage your QOO.

Choose from numerous QOO types.

Carousel imageAll the queues you have created are shown in one single screen. You can navigate to the status of the queue or edit the queue.Simple queue management screen, option to progress the queue by pressing next, show QR code for customers to scan and join the queue, Print option to generate tokens for people who dont use a phone or have a phone.Choose from various queue types, First come first served, Service queues for restaurants, Fixed queues for existing appointments, Scheduled queues when customers can choose their time or slot for the day in the queue.
Search for the queue by name or phone number, also by the radius,You can join the queue and an appointment is created for you with the assigned token number shown in big circle.You are shown the list of queues that match your search criteria and also fall in the same category.

Search and join nearby QOOs

Create complex workflows

With QOO chaining and various progress modes.

Choose the parent queue for the child queues. Create queues that are chained together to create the complex workflow.Choose the various strategies for selection of child queues. Choose from Named queues, Round robin rotation, Shortest wait queues, Choose from the different types of progression of the queue. From manual, auto, delayed